Wholesalerspocketdeals.com is a Off Market Platform designed to connect Wholesalers and Home Sellers with Investors and Home Buyers. Our Sellers Post Highly Desirable Pocket Deals that range from Run-Down Distressed Properties to Beautiful Luxury Turn-Key Estates. Wholesalers find Motivated Buyers for their Listings without Paying Commission Fees, going through the Traditional hassles of hiring Real Estate Agents, Signing Listing Contracts, or arranging numerous Open Houses. This Page will outline the 5 Easy Steps to get a Property Sold.

  • 1) Register As A User

    Selling your Home starts with a Quick and Simple Registration Form to become a Website Member. Wholesalers and Home Sellers can fill out a quick Property Upload Form, which tells all of the key features of their property: (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, etc.) If the property is in need of Repairs, list all of the known defects that our Investor/Home Buyer will be responsible for fixing (It is Important to be as Truthful as Possible, because our Investors/Home Buyers Blind Proposal will be Based on the Repairs that they are Anticipate doing). Next,  upload pictures of your property, which must include all of the Good and Bad Features. The entire process of uploading a property usually takes less than 10 minutes.

  • 2) Accepting A Purchase Proposal

    When A Property is Uploaded to the Platform it is called a Campaign. The Wholesaler/Home Seller is in complete control of the Campaign at all times.   They decide when the Campaign will Start and End, How Long it will Last, The Price of the Property, Which Proposal that will be Accepted, and if the Campaign will be Terminated Early or put on Hold.   Wholesalers & Home Sellers will be notified by email and through their Dashboard as each Purchase Proposal is submitted by our Investors or Home Buyers.   The Sellers can Accept a Purchase Proposal or send a Counter Offer at Anytime, or wait until the scheduled Conclusion of the Campaign.

  • 3) Opening Escrow

    Once a Wholesaler/Home Seller accepts a Purchase Proposal, all parties will be notified.    The Buyers Agent will prepare an Official Offer to purchase the Property and Present it to the Wholesaler/Home Seller.
    The Price and Terms that were detailed in the Purchase Proposal during the Campaign will be submitted in the Offer.    Once the Home Seller Accepts the Investors/Home Buyers Residential Purchase Offer, the Contract will be put into Escrow.

  • 4) Inspections, Title and Disclosures

    Escrow is the period of time set aside for ALL Home Buyers to Legally do their Due Diligence on the property.    They will conduct a Home Inspection, ensuring that there is not excessive damage to the property, and that the Wholesaler/Home Seller accurately expressed the Repairs Needed.    The Home Buyers will also conduct a Title Report, in which they will check for any Liens or Encumbrances held against the property.    All claims will have to be cleared up before Escrow can close and Title can be Transferred.    Finally, all Disclosures and known Property Flaws will be presented to the Home Buyer.    We typically get all elements of Escrow completed within 10-14 days for Cash Purchases, and within 21-45 days for Financed Purchases.

  • 5) Close of Escrow

    When All elements are completed -Escrow will be ready to CLOSE.  At that time, all funds will be disbursed to the Home Sellers Bank Account and the Home Buyer will receive The Deed.    In most cases, terms of how much time the Home Seller will have before vacating will be agreed on during the Campaign or when the Offer to Purchase the Residential Property is submitted.