The Wholesalers Pocket Deals mission is to provide our constantly growing group of Investors a steady stream of Off Market Properties to purchase and keep their Investment Portfolio growing.   We gladly welcome both Rookie and Seasoned Investors to our Networking Group.    Past transactions have shown us that the different levels of experience is the Foundation of the Wholesalers Pocket Deals Platform, and the key to finding good suitors for the various types of properties that our Wholesalers and Home Sellers are Selling.

Some of our Wholesalers work hand in hand with Bank Execs, and  get Exclusive Opportunities to resell their Reclaimed Inventory before the homes go to Auction.    We pass these Opportunities on to our Investors and Home Buyers.

Other Wholesalers focus on Pre-Foreclosed Properties.    These Wholesalers reach out daily to hundreds of people drowning in debt with their homes, and have been recently reported as in Default.    We run the numbers and try to find opportunities where our Investors can assist Struggling Homeowners with a cash offer to purchase their property before they lose it in Foreclosure.    Our Investors benefit by purchasing the property at below market value – but the homeowner also benefits because it saves their credit from the devastating mark of a FORECLOSURE.