The Wholesalers Pocket Deals Platform was created by Real Estate Professionals – for Real Estate Professionals. This Platform is Perfect for helping Realtors find new business or expand their current business. Agents can advertise the Wholesalers Pocket Deals Website on their own Social Media and Broadcasting Platforms, and benefit from the Power of Promoting a Professional Community – instead of only Promoting Yourself. Home Sellers will feel more comfortable contacting the W.P.D. Platform to
buy or sell their house, instead of an Individual Agent because we heavily Advertise and are more visible…not to mention we have a proven strategy to get results fast.

When a Realtor Advertises the W.P.D Website and a Distressed Homeowner uses the Agents link to upload their property to receive offers from our Investors, the Agent will be entitled to represent our Investor when the Homeowner accepts a bid. Also, in most cases, the Agent will also be able to represent the Investor when the
property goes back on the market – after repairs. Finding 1 Home Seller will usually result in 2 Transactions.

This Platform is also Perfect for finding For Sale By Owners. Instead of contacting the FSBO to ask if we can list their property, we ask them to allow us to upload their property to our website because we have a Community of Home Buyers looking for Off Market Deals. This is an easy way to start communicating with the Home Seller and gaining their trust and attention. Within a day or two – our Agents follow up with the Home Seller to show how they can get their Home maximum exposure on the MLS, sale their Home fast, and save them thousands of dollars with one of our Sales Strategies.

Our REO Program is one of the only Real Estate opportunities for a Realtor to get continuous Transactions, by simply getting a single client. Banks have inventory lists of foreclosed properties that they need to sell.These properties are exactly the type of properties that our Investors and Home Buyers are looking for. Establishing connection with a local bank, can result in continuous Transactions.